Finding a clinic, not as easy as one would think…


Initially, this idea was presented by my mother-in-law, who had seen an article in one of her local magazines.  She thought that this would be a good option for us, and so brought the article when she came for a visit.  It was immediately interesting to us, as it wasn’t something we had considered before, and had kind of settled on wanting to adopt one day, as that seemed to be the only viable option.  Now, with this concept, it gave us the opportunity to have a baby with our own genetic make-up.

So, in the last few weeks, since this idea was presented, I have been researching clinics that specialize in surrogacy in India.  It turns out that there are a LOT.  After reading the article, my first instinct was just to go online and google “surrogacy in India” and low and behold, something I noticed was that there were numerous blogs about other people’s experiences.  Most of them seemed to be written from the time a couple had already settled on a clinic, and they were writing about their positive experiences with that clinic.  While I thought this was great, and very informative, I didn’t see it for what it actually was at first.

After I had read a few blogs about a certain clinic and how fabulous it was, I had almost settled on the decision to go with that clinic.  In reading about that clinic, I came upon glowing reports of a certain doctor that ran that clinic, and so many great comments about her, so then I decided to google her name to find out more.  One of the first hits on google was a warning blog about that doctor and some pretty horrific accusations about that particular couple’s experience with that doctor and clinic.  I am not exactly sure how the complainant managed to bring their complaint to the top of the “google” heap, but they did, and so it was pretty prominent.  They alleged that this specific doctor was “holding their baby hostage” until they paid higher fees than she had initially quoted, and that they were supposed to receive a discounted rate for each other couple they had recommended use that clinic.

So, I am not here to say anything negative about that clinic, and I may even end up going with that clinic in the end, but in the article, I did end up learning that many of the blogs out there are written by people who have gotten kick-backs or discounts on their own surrogacy procedure, because they have agreed to post their positive experiences online and recommend clinics to other couples.  I am sure this is rampant in the industry, so I recommend to not just look at a positive blog and stop there with your research.  Take each one with a grain of salt, and read it for the information that is actually useful and important to you in your journey, whether that be staff kindness, price, cleanliness, number of successful births, professional behaviour, ability to meet the surrogate, surrogate screening, whatever….

It’s getting late and near to bedtime for me, so I will continue next time with more information I have found out in the last few weeks.


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