Minor setback…


Ok, so I went to have my Mirena removed, and my doctor couldn’t find the strings.  Apparently it has drifted upwards, so I will need to go see a gynecologist who have better tweezers or something, so there is a better chance they will find it.  If they don’t find it, I will have to have it surgically removed.  I have the gyne appointment on December 12th, and have to have a pelvic ultrasound before that, so he will know whether or not to try to root it out in the office or not.  I am NOT looking forward to that gyne appointment, HOWEVER, having an OB/GYN doctor of my very own might enable me to get some of the more stumping questions answered, like how long I need to wait before harvesting after the Mirena is removed, and how long until the methotrexate clears.  I have also written to one of the surrogacy clinics with these two questions, but no answer yet.

By the way, I would still recommend the Mirena to anyone who has issues with their cycle, especially really inconvenient and painful issues.  I swear, I will be mourning my Mirena once it’s removed, I almost think my body is trying to suck it up so I can’t get it removed.  It’s ok body, once I am able, I will get a new Mirena… I promise!!!

Apparently my doctor’s office did do a referral to the fertility clinic, but still no call from them.  Don’t they want the money?  Even though I am in BC, fertility/infertility stuff isn’t covered by the MSP health coverage, so there are $$$ on the line here people… why aren’t you calling to book an appointment???  I guess I will call them next week if I haven’t heard back, but it doesn’t make me warm and fuzzy.

I really wanted an October 2013 baby, but maybe that’s asking too much?  Time’s a ticking, and I ain’t getting any younger (41, if I didn’t say so before).

I do have an appointment with my dermatologist, so I will ask her what she knows about methotrexate leaving the body, or it’s affects on human eggs.  I wish the internet was a bit more consistent in its information, about anything 😐



About namaskarambaby

We are a BC couple who are about to start the process of having a baby using a gestational surrogate in India. We would like to share the process, so the steps will be clearly laid out for other couples who would like to know about this journey, as they may be in a similar situation. We also will likely stay anonymous, as this is a bit of a private process, and we are so early on in the process, that we aren't even sure it's going to work. "Namaskaram" is a greeting in Hindi (the official language of India), which is appropriate for people of all ages... I guess it's similar to Namaste, which is commonly used in the yoga community. This is our first blog, so bear with us. Stay tuned.

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