The money and the medical tests


Alrighty, I am just posting a few interesting tidbits of information for you today. I have looked through my correspondence with a few clinics, and created a list of the test results I have been asked to provide, so far, pre-surrogacy.  For me, I am still waiting for the methotrexate to clear from my body and the Mirena to be removed (and then one month) before I can get the lady tests, but we can start to get the gentleman tests any time, and have, in fact started already. This list is compiled from a few different clinics, so some clinics may not require all tests, or some may require others I just haven’t heard about yet.

Also, I have provided a general quote list from one of the clinics. As you can see in the paragraph on the fee schedule, it’s just one clinic, and just to give a general idea of what you should prepare for, in terms of the clinic costs.  Obviously you will need to think about travel and food and hotels, etc., but that will probably depend on each individual’s journey.

See over there for the Fee Schedule and the list of requested tests (ugh, they seem to want to download to your computer, but I have no idea how to fix that… no virus, I promise, they are just MS Word 2010 documents).


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