the holidays are over…


so, the holidays are over, other than New Years’ Eve, which is usually quite boring for us anyways. being non-drinkers, non-partiers, and largely anti-social, we generally just hang out together and try to find something to watch in terms of a count-down.  this year, we will be spending NYE with hubby’s grandmother.  we will have a nice dinner, and just chat probably.  then drive home, hopefully not running into any drunk drivers.

so, over the holidays, i think we managed to tell everyone about our surrogacy plans.  my darling decided to tell his family, and it went over swimmingly.  i think that there is a combo of folks who are excited now and folks who will be more excited as the plans get solidified.  i think there are more of the latter though, right now this all seems pretty crazy to most people, and until there is a bun in the proverbial oven, it’s not going to be very real.

on another good note, though i haven’t managed to talk to her in person,  my step-sister has found out from our sister, and has read the (this) blog to get caught up.  she emailed me via facebook, and said she knew some people who had done the surrogacy process in India and have a three year old.  it’s so neat how you find out through various grapevines, about different people who have gone through some of the same journeys as you are planning to do, and can gather information through others.  i am really happy with this, as it was all so overwhelming at the start (and still is), but so nice to hear of real success stories.  it makes me feel better, which i have said before.

so we got the results, and the wigglers are good… so that’s half of the equation.  now it’s up to me, and i feel even more worried at the prospect of my old and crusty eggs (yes, i read that exact phrase on a medical website that was describing why sometimes eggs from older women aren’t as viable, they get old and crusty, making it hard for the sperm to break through the shell) not working.  i am going to try really hard not to whine over the next few months about how worried i am, but i am really worried.  funny, three months ago i wouldn’t have even given this a second thought, and now it’s a pretty prominent thought…. oh well, time will pass, and we will know, and that will be that!!!

i think i will go to bed now, we have a big day of furniture moving for Nana… she is getting a new easy chair for the living room and we are going to go pick it up and deliver it for her.  then we will take the old one home, so we can have an easy chair.  a real La-Z-Boy, a leather one… it’s a clunker, and i am worried about the cats going underneath of it, but it’s really comfy, so we will take it on a trial basis 😛

incidentally, can anyone tell me where to get a bottle of this in the Lower Mainland?  i crave it so… 



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