A couple of happy stories : )


For today, here are a few of the happy stories i have found online that don’t smack of being sponsored (though they may be).  i have to say that there are far more happy stories about surrogacy in India than there are negative ones or scary ones, but i try not to read too much into them.  i just wanted to pick a few to share that have some of my ideal concepts in them.

of course it’s not ideal to have a baby that doesn’t make it, or a baby who ends up in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit, for those acronym impaired), but the surrogate experiences and the eventual outcomes are good in these two stories.

interestingly, even though i found them doing random searches on very different dates, both of these stories involve the same doctor (and likely clinic), who wasn’t on the list of those that i was considering at this time.  i wonder if that’s a coincidence or if this doctor/clinic seeks out the documentation of these happy stories? (ever the cynic)

g’night (it’s after midnight here, and i am yawning)





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