a place for baby :)


we really want to move apartments before we bring a baby home…. our current apartment is right on a main street, which also happens to be  truck and dangerous goods route, and has a bus stop right out front.  we noticed, that with our patio garden down for the winter, so less watering and cleaning activities on the deck, everything is coated with a thick layer of fine black mud, which seems to come from the exhaust of all these vehicles, and the dust that they kick up.  this apartment also gets soooooooo much dust, and we can just imagine what it’s all doing to our lungs, much less what they would do to a tiny, wee baby’s lungs.

we don’t love this apartment anyways, and while we can tolerate it, and have been tolerating it, having a baby might give us the impetus to actually find something better.  in doing so, we could also perhaps find some of the features that would make life with a wee one easier, like in suite laundry and a dishwasher.

it would be kind of nice to find a place that we want to stay in for a long time, maybe a place the baby could have for the beginning of their life, in a nice neighbourhood with nice places to play and walk.  this neighbourhood has those, and we would be very happy to live in this neighbourhood, if we weren’t located directly on this main street.  if we weren’t in this exact location, but had this exact apartment, we would probably even want to stay, but the dust, dirt, noise, and pollution of this place are just getting to us, and we wouldn’t want the baby to be here.

so, that’s something to really think about pretty fast, because we can’t imagine moving WITH a small baby, so we would like to do it ahead of time.  we have to decide what areas we would be wanting to live in, and what type of dwelling we would like to be in.  while we have thought of renting a detached house, it’s probably financially unrealistic in the Lower Mainland, because of cost.  second choice would be some sort of condo or townhouse, but to get that, we would probably have to move out to a farther suburb, which we aren’t opposed to, but would have to think about in terms of commute for both of us, etc.

anyways, along with everything else, we would like a nice place for baby, so it’s on our mind 🙂


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