Keeping cord blood for the future


it a baby has an issue in the future and needs a transfusion or .  i am not very well-educated about cord blood, only that it can be very beneficial in the future, here it is in a nutshell:

Cord blood is increasingly replacing bone marrow as the go-to source for stem cells, which are transplanted to help regenerate the body’s blood system with healthy cells. Leukemias, immune and blood disorders are among the diseases treated with stem cells and scientists are working hard to expand the list.”

based on the little i know, i think it would be a very good idea, so i am going to look into it more.  at a glance, there is some controversy about it, as there seems to be with almost everything these days, but i am going to try to find out what i need to know, and will share it with you here.

so far, there seem to be many companies in Canada that will provide you with a collection kit to collect the cord blood when the baby is born, and then pick it up and store it for you, but i haven’t yet found out if it can be sent from India to Canada for storage.  i did find one website that says they can send it to anywhere if you need it in the future, so it would seem that it could be sent from India, it’s just that i would have to figure out how to arrange that.  however, one foot in front of the other, i guess i should find out realistically if it’s a good idea to do it, and make the inquiries into arranging for collection and storage after that decision has been made.

as always, will keep you posted.


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  1. I am all for cord blood-knowing that is AN ISSUE is, mainly, I believe to be an ethical or religious one off ‘the top of my head, as unheard of in the 1970’s for and against mothers eating the umbilical cord for nutritional value, how yukky does that sound?
    I believe that the “for’s totally outweigh the uneducated niegh’s.
    Do your research and you will find information of how “life-saving this new (really not that new) this contraversial method of helping your baby survive a major crisis.
    Will very much like to hear your opinion at a later date–

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