realistic movie about surrogacy in India


i just wanted to quickly post that my brother gave me the names of a couple of movies that deal with the concept of surrogacy in India.  i am happy that he is interested and did a bit of research into it, and shared his findings.

the two movies are “Half the Sky“, which is a movie/documentary/movement about women around the world, and looks to turning “oppression into opportunity”.  while i am VERY interested in this movie, i can’t seem to find it online.  it purports to be on Netflix, but only the American site so far, so i haven’t been able to find it.  i have found many clips and trailers on Youtube, but not the whole movie anywhere.  this movie seems to have much celebrity involvement, and seems to be quite controlled as far as distribution, which i think is a little odd for a movie that seems to want to get a word out about a cause.  i am a little suspicious, but still really, really, really want to see it, so will continue my search (perhaps it’s time to renew that library card).

the second movie is called Google Baby.  while this movie was also hard to find, a dear, computer savvy friend has (and please excuse my lack of a good description of this) taken a bunch of pieces of the movie from YouTube, and pasted them together, very smoothly i might add, and therefore i have watched it.  Google Baby is a pretty raw vision of surrogacy in India, and surrogacy on the whole, but it’s nothing i didn’t expect.  it was very interesting and very blatant, but i am very happy i saw it, and it hasn’t changed anything for us.

we are very open to any information anyone has to share; any bits of information are useful and helpful, so i must thank my brother for providing the names of these movies.


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