half the sky


just a little post note; because i had mentioned that my brother suggested i watch the movie half the sky as a precursor to this journey, i wanted to follow up with you all about this.

it turns out that half the sky was a book written by a couple of journalists (husband and wife) who had been all over the world and covered many different press stories, and in their array of journeys, realized that the objectification, marginalization, commodification, neglect, and abuse of women was a universal issue in every country, and it wasn’t receiving even close to the amount of coverage that it deserved.  therefore, they traveled around the world to many different countries and wrote a book about this, called “half the sky”.  eventually, it became well read, and a movement began, including some celebrities travelling to places where this abuse of women is most prevalent and atrocious.  a documentary was made, so far in 2 two hour parts, and i am part way through the documentary.

i don’t believe there is a specific portion of the movie about surrogacy in India, but i think my brother just wanted us to watch the movie, as it’s very clear that in the massive growth of the surrogacy industry in India, there is a lot of room for Indian women to be commodified.

since the beginning of this journey, i hope i have made it very clear that my intention, and therefore, our intention, is to do the right things along the way, doing our best to ensure the surrogate we deal with is respected in the process.  while i know that it’s looked at as an “industry”, it is our hope that we will be dealing with a surrogacy clinic who has the best intentions for the surrogate, including her health, well-being during the pregnancy and in her post-partum care (both physically and emotionally).  one of the things that is fairly obvious though, from my research, is that in India, we won’t have much control.  there will have to be a certain amount of trust in the process, though we can make our wishes known.

so, half the sky isn’t about surrogacy directly, so if you are looking for info on surrogacy, it’s not there.  it is a good documentary though, and is about something that is worth paying attention to and trying to do something about.


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