and now for more waiting :P


so, i went to the gynecologist today for the results of my ultrasound.  he says that i have a couple of good sized fibroids, but that they won’t  need surgery right away, just wait until they grow or become a bother, then we can decide if any action is necessary in the future.

the important thing though, is that he gave me a requisition for all the blood/lab work i need to find out my ovarian profile, so finally i have it!!!  much of the blood work needs to be drawn on the 2nd day of my cycle, so again there will be a bit of a wait.

then, he said that some of the test results can take over a month to come back, so fingers crossed that it won’t be that long, maybe the lab techs won’t be busy and it’ll get hurried through.  i can dream… 

anyways, i guess i better get used to waiting, it seems so much of this process has already been waiting, but it’s only the beginning.  in the coming months, there are going to be many waits;  i need to wait til the 2nd day of the cycle, then wait for the lab results, then wait to see the gyne again to talk about them, then wait for the clinics in India to review them to determine if i am a good candidate for IVF and egg harvesting, then (assuming yes) waiting for a matched surrogate, then going to India and doing the hormone therapy to prep the ovaries, then after implantation we wait for a few weeks to see if the surrogate is pregnant, then wait three months to be fairly sure the pregnancy is working out, then if so, wait the rest of the pregnancy!!!  so, i better get used to waiting, and find a way to be very comfortable with it.  normally i am not very impatient, only when i am excited, which is now… hehe!

my darling man is fairly impatient, but there’s not much he can do about this stuff, so i bet he will be the more patient of the two of us during the coming months, i am counting on it.  there’s lots of neat stuff to talk about though, while we wait through each phase, so that will carry us through.

one more small step up the ladder today 🙂

here’s a shout out to my mother and my mother-in-law… 



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