bad news for some people seeking surrogacy


i was browsing surrogacy information, like i often do, and came across some information about a new directive that has been brought to be in India.  apparently in December, this directive was passed by the Indian government, that means that there are now restrictions being applied to surrogacy arrangements in their country.  i don’t know all the details, but the articles i have read say that the following are now restricted from the surrogacy process in India:

  • same sex couples
  • single people of either sex
  • unmarried couples
  • couples who have been married less than two years
  • couples from countries where surrogacy isn’t legal

as luck would have it, we don’t fall into any of those categories, so hopefully we won’t have any trouble.

in my previous reading, there has always been an undercurrent of “changes are coming” or “official guidelines aren’t in place and critics are pushing for more restrictions”, and i have always been a little worried that some harsh law would come to pass that would make it impossible for us to have surrogacy in India as an option.  so, while i am very sad that this will make things impossible for some very worthy people, i am glad that if these are finally the guidelines that have been in the making, they likely don’t change things for us.  surrogacy is legal in Canada, though it has to be altruistic, and you can’t reimburse the surrogate for anything but out of pocket expenses.  there is no mention of what type of surrogacy has to be legal in your home country, so we should be ok.

i hope we can get this show on the road, so nothing else changes, making it harder or impossible for us to have a baby in India. (see, there’s that impatience rearing it’s ugly head, but i guess it’s understandable when there is a bomb shell change).

just thought i would share, in case there are people looking at this blog who are not in Canada (which i know there are, from time to time based on my statistics).  so, if you are from elsewhere, make sure you are very clear on the new guidelines before you make the leap to start the process of surrogacy in India.


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