never thought…


well, i never thought i would be announcing this on the internet, but:

  • my Aunt Flo is visiting
  • i am being touched by the Goddess
  • it’s my bitchy-witchy week
  • i have the crimson curse
  • i am fighting the scarlet crusade
  • i am sitting on a nice merlot
  • i need to visit the red tent
  • i am packing dynamite

in other words, my period has finally arrived.  this is the first time in probably twenty years that i have been excited for this day, but this month it means i can go and have my testing done.  i will make an appointment for the lab on Friday.  wow, i have to say this is literally the FIRST time in my life i have been excited to go to have my blood drawn at the lab too, i am not generally a fan of this activity, at all, not one bit.  normally try to avoid it.  so i will make sure i am well hydrated and fasting, and will go and get it over with, and then start the wait for results (remember, my ob/gyn said one or two tests take WEEKS to get the results).


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