the vampires have had their way with me


they’ve done it; they’ve taken EIGHT VIALS of blood from me in one day.  yes, that’s my dramatic way of saying i have had my blood tests today.  as luck would have it, the phlebotomists at my local lab are VERY good, and they only took one try each (i had to have seven vials taken, then two hours after eating i had to have one  more taken) to “get it”.  i have learned, though late in life, that if you tell them you are terrified, it makes them nervous and they usually fumble and have to try a few times.  if you play it cool, they are cool, and it’s much easier.  also, just last year, someone clued me into the fact that if you are dehydrated, your veins are all pathetic and hard to find, so i chugged water for 24 hours in preparation.

so what useful information do you need, aside from my dramatic account of the blood-letting?  well, in BC, one of the tests, the anti-mullerian hormone one, costs $160 and is not covered by the BC medical services plan.  also, even though i went to the main lab in BC, they had no record of the inhibin B test in their computer system, so i couldn’t get that test today.  they suggested i go back to my doctor and talk to him about it.  since my appointment with him is in early April, i am hoping this won’t be a set-back.  from what i understand from a quick internet search, inhibin B is an older test that isn’t used very much in N. America anymore, so i am hoping all the clinics in India don’t insist upon it, and can get a clear picture of my ovarian profile without it, or we could be waiting even longer.  i will do a bit more checking, and if i find that it’s important, then i will call other labs or an IVF clinic to see if they do it there… i really hope it’s not a show-stopper, because it’s gotta be drawn on day 2 or 3 of my cycle, and that only comes around every month or so… lol (nervous irritated laugh)

so, in addition to teaching me patience, this process is teaching me to be hyper-organised, because i never really thought to call the lab to ensure they did all these tests while i was waiting for the appropriate blood drawing day, and this worry could have been averted.  so, if you ever have to have blood tests on a certain day or time, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and find out if they are possible or if you need to do anything special.  prepare, prepare, prepare.

now to wait for the results! (yes, i can check online, and will probably do so in a neurotic way every day, so will keep you posted… some basic results are already available, but none of the ones that really matter to this process).




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