information about travel visas and passports


in communications with one of the clinics i have been emailing with, i have received the official letter that outlines the new changes from the Indian government.  one of the things of note, is that intended parents must not enter India on a tourist visa, they must enter on a medical visa.  i am not sure if this is the case for the second trip to pick up the baby or not, but for now, i will be filling out the Online Indian Visa Form for the first trip as requests for medical visas.  also, it is important to note that your passport has to be valid for a full six months past your travel dates, so we will need to get a new passport for my darling, as his expires in May.  i will need a new passport before the second trip, as mine expires early in 2014, i think May as well.

also, the doctor at the clinic has said that there likely won’t be any issues with Canadians participating in surrogacy in India, but you still have to be a heterosexual couple who’s been married for more than two years.

she also recommends that we contact the consulate (not sure which one yet, because i am not up on all this political stuff, but i guess i will be soon) ahead of time, so we know that Canada will accept the baby.  so that’s another thing i can start to do ahead of time.

this gets more real every day!


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