what to feed the baby?


the other day i was doing some research about baby stuff (surprise, surprise) and was thinking about what to feed the baby.  i know i am getting way ahead of myself, but really anything further than tomorrow is getting way ahead of myself, and i like to be prepared if possible, so try to give everything some thought.  ask hubby, i give everything some thought, or lots of thought, or too much thought.

for feeding a baby you have via surrogacy or adoption, your options are pretty much formula or inducing lactation; yes, you can feed the baby with your own breast milk.

the obvious choice for many, i think, would be to feed the baby formula, and i know there are lots of good ones out there.  i also know that people have sent me research about soy based formulas not being great, something like putting your infant on massive doses of birth control pills because of the volume of soy they would drink day in and day out.  i know that some babies have issues with cow’s milk products, so in the end, you might not even really have much of a choice with which to use.  so there’s lots of research to be done on that side of the coin if that’s what we decide.

then there is induced lactation, where (in a nutshell) the intended mother takes hormones to make her body think she is pregnant, and then uses a breast-pump for a period of time before the baby is born, to induce lactation.  the baby can then nurse, which provides great nutrients and immunity boosting goodness, plus promotes bonding between mother and babe.  in my research over the last few days, however, i have learned that induced lactation cannot provide the baby with colostrum, which “provides not only perfect nutrition tailored to the needs of your newborn, but also large amounts of living cells which will defend your baby against many harmful agents. The concentration of immune factors is much higher in colostrum than in mature milk.”  i did contact the clinic to ask them if the surrogate mother would pump the colostrum (as i have read online that many surrogates in other countries do this), but the clinic said it would not be possible.  this actually made me really mad for awhile over the last few days, and i have considered looking into other clinics who would at least brooch this subject with the surrogate, and i am still on the fence about this.  my instinct says that “anyone” would want what’s best for a newborn, but i guess i can’t make that assumption, it’s not that simple, there are so many factors that might make this “not possible”.  trust me, this will be in my thoughts over the next while.

we won’t be deciding about what to feed the baby anytime soon, as there is lots to think about and tons of research to do, but i wanted to put it out there, because i know there are folks out there who didn’t even know you could breast-feed an adopted or surrogate baby.

anyways, off to bed…



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  1. Many babies over the years, especially in the’60’s, 70’s @ 80’s have been feed on goats milk, which is said to be a better molecular size structure than cows milk, also thought to be far better than formula with all the possibilities of hidden additives.
    All this is fine and IF one knows exactly what the goats eat, are you positive about antibiotics not being given-is the goat eating organic grown hays and grains.
    You must be at a loss thinking about the colostrum, being that is so rich in cells and antibodies. I am wondering if you can lactate without drugs or hormones.
    I know that some women who have birthed only one child still have discharge from their nipples for many years after–i have no idea if this fluid would feasibly produce any kind of usable milk-or would manipulation of a woman’s breast produce viable milk when she has never had the hormonal changes of a physical pregnancy?

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