travel vaccinations… do you need any?



in making initial plans for a trip to India (or any other foreign country), there are many things to think about, and while one’s main focus might be baby stuff, you also have to deal with things like visas, passports, and travel vaccinations.

you should look at your local travel vaccination websites or go to see a travel clinic, as they will be able to help with all the questions you have.  also, you should apparently make sure all your regular vaccinations are up to date.

for us, i have looked at the Public Health Agency of Canada’s travel pages and the Centers for Disease Control website about traveling to India specifically.

what’s interesting to note, is that it doesn’t just depend where you are going, it also depends where you are coming from.  so your country may recommend vaccinations or pills for your safety while in India, but India might also require that you need certain vaccinations to enter India, depending upon where you are coming from.  even if you stopped in certain countries on your way to India, you might have to be quarantined for awhile before leaving the airport.  this could be days or weeks.  this is probably pretty rare, especially in our case, because most of those “certain countries” are in Africa or Asia. so we are probably good.

so far, it looks like we have to ensure our hepatitis A and B shots are up to date (which i think they are from our previous trip to Egypt) and also we may need to take some anti-malaria medications daily while in India, as there are big time mosquito issues there.

also, keep in mind that some vaccinations take awhile to kick in, so a fair amount of pre-planning is best.

anyways, i will do more research, but i wanted to ensure this was something folks thought about when they were planning their own journey.

safety first!

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