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since my last post about the visa situation, things have changed a little bit.  originally we had planned on going to India for the signing of the contract, then going to another country where my mother-in-law lives to do the hormone therapy, as she is a nurse and could provide my injections and a watchful eye, and we could have a lovely visit at the same time, whilst avoiding a long hotel stay in India.

it turns out though, that we must go to India for the contract signing, then return to our home country to apply for the medical visa which will enable us to travel back to India for me to start treatment and for hubby to leave a sample.  while i am sure we could then leave India and go to my mother-in-law’s country, we are not sure if we will do that, because then we would also need a fertility specialist to follow me in that country, as there is some frequent testing that needs to be done along the way, and this is an additional trip, costing more money.  it would have been more streamline the other way, to make just one trip from here to India, to the next country, back to India, then home…. but  we MUST return to our home country after visit one to get the medical visa application underway, and we MUST have the contract to attach to our visa application.  so that’s that.  not a major setback of any sort, just a change in plans.

what else… oh, i got the test result back that i have been waiting for, the anti-mullerian hormone test.  the result is in the normal range, but it seems on the low side to me, so i have emailed it to the doctor in India, and am waiting to hear back.  unfortunately, i emailed her on Friday afternoon/evening, and it’s been a weekend, so she hasn’t gotten back to me, so i have kind of been worried all weekend.  i keep watching my inbox, but i guess she’s probably busy on Monday mornings as well, so i should be patient (see, another lesson in patience).  i have my fingers crossed that the result will be ok and we can proceed.  if so,  the plan is to leave her on April 30th and go to Mumbai, meet the doctor, the surrogate, tour the clinic, sign the contract, and be back on May 5th.  a whirlwind trip, but it’s basically a business trip, and we want to be back quickly so we can start the medical visa process.

in the meantime, i am reading up on all kinds of ways to improve egg quality and stuff.  i found this good article called “10 ways for women to prepare for IVF“, and it has lots of information, so i thought i would share.  i am not sure how many of these suggestions i can do, but i will try some of them, can’t hurt.

in my internet travels, i have found many stories of women who have lower anti-mullerian hormone levels than me who have gotten pregnant successfully, so i am hoping i am worrying for nothing.

additionally, i got my family doctor to prescribe some oral contraception pills as requested by the doctor in India, so i can start them with my next regular cycle, which is just to regulate things for starting the hormone treatment for egg retrieval.

also, i got through to the Canadian Foreign Affairs office on Thursday, and left a message with the receptionist letting her know that we would require a letter stating that Canada recognizes surrogacy and that our baby would be accepted into Canada.  she was lovely, and said she would pass the message along to the right person, and either he, or she would call me back.  so hopefully we will get that call soon, and they will help us out.  we technically don’t need this until we apply for the medical visa, but i would like to have it sooner rather than later… patience, patience.

still nothing in my inbox, but i am sure it will be there waiting for me in the morning.

g’night all.

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