tickets are booked!


ok, so we have got the tickets booked for Trip #1.  we will be going on April 30th, arriving early on May 2nd, and leaving back home on May 4th (super early in the am), arriving home on May 4th just after noon, yay, backwards time travel!!!  it’s a whirlwind trip, aka a business trip.  we are SUPER excited!!!

i will write more about the visa situation later, i am tired, but had to say we booked the tickets, because we really booked them two days ago, but i haven’t had time to blog.



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  1. We are also a BC couple who are going to India to pick up our babies in late June. We were JUST told that the laws have now changed requiring all Canadian couples to spend 3 months in India, and all paperwork has to be processed through New Delhi, as Mumbai is no longer an option. Originally, when we started this endeavour in the fall of 2012, the longwithstanding process had been 4-6 weeks approx. start to finish, and your paperwork could be processed in New Delhi OR Mumbai depending on where your clinic was located.

    • Hi Katie –

      Thanks for that somewhat disturbing information. I would really appreciate more information if you wouldn’t mind communicating with me, it would be great to touch base with someone who is currently in the middle of this process, so perhaps we can learn from your experience. If you feel comfortable contacting me, just let me know. Thanks so much!

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