a little more info about our visa work and stuff


sorry it’s been a little while since i posted, but it’s been a super busy week, both with work and social life.

i turned 42 on Friday, and there’s not much to say about that.  it is what it is, i am trying to feel neutral about it 😛  i did have a great weekend with hubby and family, so that was wonderful.  hubby made me an heirloom piece of furniture, which is super romantic.  he’s been working on it at a relatives house for several weeks, as a surprise and i am super touched and love it very much. it’s a potato and onion bin, and i have wanted one for a long time, since coveting his grandparents’ one.  i have asked him to carve 2013 on the bottom so that our heirs will know when he made it 🙂  this is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, and i just love him so much!!!

so what i eluded to when i wrote my last post, is that the visa situation is not ironed out yet.  i did the online visa applications for both of us, but it was a bit of a nightmare.  nothing that i expected to happen on the website happened.  it’s supposed to offer you to print the application when you are done, but that only occurred with mine, and not hubby’s.  so here i thought i had submitted his application and had no copy of it.  there seemed to be nothing i could do to get to the print page back for his application; they give you a temporary number so that you are supposed to be able to go back in and retrieve your application, so you can complete portions you missed and come back with more information, or if you need to take a break, but NONE of the numbers i got EVER worked, EVER.  luckily, i had the revelation that i could go into my browser history and go through every page associated with the India visa website, and i found his print page, so i was able to print and also save as a PDF, thank gawd.

another issue, is that the site is supposed to, at the end, ask you if you want to pay and submit your application.  it didn’t do this for either of us.  so we haven’t paid or applied yet.  apparently, only SOME of the cities allow online paying and submission, and surprisingly, Vancouver isn’t one of them…. so we will have to go in person.  we will do this in the coming week.

lastly on this topic for today, i have still, to this day, never been able to contact a human being at any of the phone numbers on the India Visa (Consulate) website.  never, not once, no how.  so an in-person visit is truly in order.

ok, then something a little disturbing happened after my last post.  someone read it and made a comment about how she and her spouse are a BC couple who are in the process right now, and are supposed to pick up their babies in June this year, and they have JUST found out that they have to stay in India for three months.  she said that they also have just found out that none of their paperwork can be done in Mumbai, only in New Delhi, whereas it used to be a 4-6 week process which could be done in either Mumbai or New Delhi.  really no other information was in her comment.

i struggled with whether i was going to approve this comment (you can approve or deny any comments on your WordPress blog before they just pop up on your page), but i think i will approve it because it’s part of our process, and i have been sharing all info on the blog, and don’t want to start being selective now.  therefore, i don’t want anyone to get freaked out by this (though i must say it freaked me out), because it was a very short comment and there wasn’t much context at all.  i don’t know if this is because she is one who started before the new guidelines, or what her circumstances are exactly.  i will be talking to the visa office when we go in this week so we know exactly what this is all about.  i have also emailed the woman to see if she is willing to share more information with me, but no response so far (it is a long weekend, and a beautiful one at that, so she may not have checked her email).  that said, she may have also provided a fake email address, because i think that commenters can do that, not sure.  my fingers are crossed that she will get back to me, so i can ask more questions for clarity, and of course i will share the information here.  if not, i will get to the bottom of it, research, research, research.

hi Katie – please contact me again, i could really use any additional information you feel you can provide to us 🙂

also, i have not yet heard back from the Canada Foreign Affairs office, so I will touch base with the Administrative Assistant this week as well.

this long weekend is recharging my batteries, so i am ready for more research and learning about the surrogacy process.


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