visa yay!


well, not totally yay, but partially yay.

i believe i have gotten to the bottom of why i had such a hassle figuring out the visa stuff.  i know from my work that it was the end of the fiscal year on March 31st, as it is every March 31st, and it looks like the contract for managing Indian visa intake and phone calls, etc., ended, and was in limbo for awhile.  it just so happened that i was attempting to do visa applications and reach folks to ask questions at the very same time, so it was probably just my bad luck.  likely, others won’t have these issues going forward, but keep in mind if you are doing any of this work near the end of any fiscal year, sometimes this is when new contracts for services are negotiated on the planet, and the lack of a contract might create issues with any agency you deal with.

i went on the Indian visa website yesterday, and it looks like it has been updated with new phone numbers, additional information, and there is even a very helpful website that is linked there (clearly the newly contracted organization, called BLS India), that explains everything you need for visa applications and where to go, what to bring, hours, etc.

we have now submitted our visa applications, and have been told this takes about 5-7 working days.  there was no mention of an appointment or interview; i had thought we would need an interview, but i can’t recall where i got that idea.  so, if all goes well, we will pick up our tourist visas next week and be good to go.  the staff were very friendly at the office, and it was altogether a lovely experience.  the staff was, however, very new, so i didn’t feel comfortable asking them any questions at this time, as i didn’t want to add any confusion (the lady who processed me said i was her first :P) by asking questions about the upcoming medical visa.  i will perhaps call the helpline at the new number, once we have our tourist visas in hand.

still no word back from the Canadian Foreign Affairs office.  i am beginning to wonder if we should visit the Canadian Embassy in India, when we are in India for the first visit.  maybe it would be easier to have this conversation and make the request for the needed letter in person.

also, still no word back from the elusive “Katie” who dropped the bombshell last week about the three months; i imagine i won’t hear back from her.  it’s entirely possible it was just someone who wanted to freak us out, someone who doesn’t agree with the process, or perhaps it’s just her own story and ours will be totally different.  i am not going to worry about it anymore, just work on our own journey and making sure it’s as straight forward as possible.

i have an appointment with my OB/GYN tomorrow, so i can ask him what he thinks of my anti-mullerian hormone test results (and the rest of them), and ask him what i can do for ovarian health (if anything), and what he would recommend for a patient with exactly my test results in Canada.  it will just be very good information to have, as i haven’t yet seen him since ANY of my test results came back.

as always, will keep ya posted!

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