things are coming together


i can’t remember if i mentioned that the doctor in India suggested i contact a lawyer that has worked with clients of her clinic in the past to ask some of the questions that came about because of “Katie” last week.  so i did contact the lawyer, and she got back to me with some answers to my questions, but then i also didn’t fully understand some of her answers so i have written back for further clarity on a few points.

she basically said that it has generally taken previous clients from Canada at least six weeks to get all the paperwork done for the exit visa for the baby (babies) once they are born (i remind you that at least one week of this is waiting for DNA to be sent back to Canada, the DNA to be tested, and the results getting back to us).  she also thinks that we will have to deal with the Canadian consulate in New Delhi, rather than in Mumbai, but that it has been her experience that often the paperwork can be couriered back and forth, rather than the couple and the baby going to New Delhi for the six weeks to get all this done. she suggests that i contact the Canadian consulate in New Delhi for this information.

why, you might ask, would we just not go to New Delhi and stay there?  well, that is a good question, and one that i don’t have the answer to at this time, but i can surmise that the baby may need some medical follow up with the clinic where it is born, and i also know that some of the paperwork requires information/signatures, etc., from said clinic.  i am sure this will all become much more clear closer to the time.  while i may be OCD about all the details, i should probably remind myself that some of this doesn’t need to be sorted until closer to the time the baby is born.  it’s my nature to try to do everything at once, to create a nice, safe bubble of clarity around myself, but it’s also more stressful all at once, so hmmm… 

i also got an email back from the doctor at our clinic who said the clinic would take care of getting the contract notarized, which is a requirement for the medical visas (did i say that already?), so that’s one more bit we don’t have to worry about… yay!

additionally, the lovely woman from the Canadian Foreign Affairs office called me back today, and she gave me the contact information for the person in the Canadian High Commission office in New Delhi who i should speak to, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.  it was nice to get a phone call, as it’s easy to feel sometimes that your pressing issues may not be important to others; it was encouraging!

can’t think of anything else today, but that seems like a fair bit to report.

have a nice weekend!


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