visas in hand.


we are now pretty much ready for our trip, which is 18 days away.  we were granted six month visas with multiple entries, so we are all good.  i know that only the first visit will be on the tourist visa, but it’s nice to be covered, just in case.

yesterday i spoke to Korean Air and did seat selection, and also talked to them a bit about the situation with North Korea.  i guess we will know before then if there is some sort of war happening, as there is some sort of significance to April 15th, and the likelihood of the head honcho putting on some sort of a show is on that date.  i won’t comment further than to say i sure hope nothing happens.  we are only passing through Seoul for a couple of hours each way, so am hoping there will be no problems.  i wonder what they would do in that situation for people with flights.  fingers crossed, as they so often have been during this whole process.


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