letter from Canada


so yesterday evening, after the police fiasco, i managed to call the woman at the High Commission of Canada office in New Delhi.   she was very helpful, walking me through their website to the page that specifically describes the process for Canadians undertaking surrogacy in India.  she let me know that the letter of support is not something that needs to be written for the couple specifically, it’s a letter that has already been written and is just printed so you can include it in your package to apply for the medical visa.  unfortunately, the “letter of support” link on the page is broken at present, so she emailed the letter to me.  likely this will be fixed soon.  otherwise, you can always call the High Commission’s New Delhi office; the number is here.

so, now we have the letter, so one more thing off our list.  we will get the contract when we go to Mumbai in a few weeks, then there are a few other things on the list, and hopefully everything will go smoothly.

the FAQ page that the High Commission woman directed me to has some really good information, including what “Katie” was talking about when she commented on this blog to say that she has to go to New Dehli and has to now stay for three months.  what the page actually says is a bit less scary, but who knows what reality will be like.  it describes the process for getting citizenship papers for your baby, the passport process, and that an exit visa will be necessary.  it also describes the DNA test situation.  so, it does seem that there will be a fairly long wait in India when the baby is born, but not necessarily three months.  it does mention that some paperwork must be done in Dehli, but does not clear up whether it can be couriered or if it needs to be done in person.

i don’t want to delve too much into this, as it’s likely about a year away, and things can change, but it’s very valuable to have the website now, where i can find the information clearly laid out.

15 days til trip #1

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  1. Hi Namaskarambaby,
    It is very nice to read your post here. We are in Vancouver. My wife had 4 missed miscarriages in a row, even the doctor has suggested that we should look for other options. So, we decide to go to India for surrogacy. As you mentioned, the letter from the High Commission of Canada is a page to be printed. I have searched the website still can’t find it. Could you please give me a bit more information of where to find it?

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