two weeks until contract signing…


tomorrow marks the beginning of the two week count-down until we meet our doctor, our surrogate, check out the clinic, and sign the contract.

we are getting very excited for the trip… it’s going to be a whirlwind, but it will kind of seem like the “real” beginning of this whole process.  all the work til now has been research and getting ready for this trip; it’s amazing, but it’s taken almost five and a half months to do the research, get all our testing done, and choose a clinic.  i think for others, it might take less time, because of the methotrexate and mirena issues at the start of our journey, but still, it’s been a lot to think about and do, and this trip marks a semi-culmination of the effort.

the count-down is on!  (i feel like i have said that before in other posts, but don’t want to go check.  maybe i am marking myself as a count-down lover… oh well, there are worse things to be)

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