the trip is getting close


well, it’s Friday night, and we are leaving on Monday night, so really only three days til we leave.

i have to say i am a bit worried that we haven’t yet received a surrogate profile from the clinic.  i wrote to them eight days ago to see how it was going, and they responded a few days later saying they would “send us a profile soon”.  we haven’t heard back from them yet, even though i wrote a follow up email about 36 hours ago to let them know we were a bit worried and if they didn’t have a complete profile available or ready, we would just be happy to know that they had selected a surrogate and if they could provide us a bit of information, that would be great.

for me, it’s just a little strange, because the clinic has always been good at responding to emails in a timely fashion, and we would have been satisfied even if they had responded to say that someone had not yet been selected, but would be before we arrive.  i guess i feel that a clinic of this calibre would not allow their clients to be worried about such things so close to the time of the first visit, and i hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

i also know that we are dealing with a different country, and they do things differently, but since i have worked in healthcare in Canada for almost 20 years, i guess i have certain ingrained expectations of healthcare professionals, and it’s hard for me to expect or accept anything different.  i am going to try to remain positive and be relaxed until our meeting with the clinic (and surrogate, hopefully) a week from today, but i cannot express how upset i would be if we arrived for our appointment and there wasn’t a surrogate available to sign the contract.

at this point, our airfare and hotel have been about $4,000 (CAD), plus this trip includes almost two days of travel on either side of the two day visit to Mumbai, and both hubby and i are using time off work.  additionally, hubby’s Mom is meeting us there, so it’s her time, airfare and hotel, so it’s a fairly huge amount of money and effort.

did i mention how upset i would be?

i will post as soon as we get a profile or info, and/or make sure to update before we leave or somewhere along the way.  there is free wi-fi in the Mumbai hotel room, so i should be able to make some brief postings from there as well.

fingers crossed.


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    • Absolutely! It’s amazing to think of being in India, for any reason. It’s been on my bucket list for years. This two day trip won’t even scratch the surface but will give us a better idea what to expect on our future visits which will be longer. So excited!

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