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visas in hand.


we are now pretty much ready for our trip, which is 18 days away.  we were granted six month visas with multiple entries, so we are all good.  i know that only the first visit will be on the tourist visa, but it’s nice to be covered, just in case.

yesterday i spoke to Korean Air and did seat selection, and also talked to them a bit about the situation with North Korea.  i guess we will know before then if there is some sort of war happening, as there is some sort of significance to April 15th, and the likelihood of the head honcho putting on some sort of a show is on that date.  i won’t comment further than to say i sure hope nothing happens.  we are only passing through Seoul for a couple of hours each way, so am hoping there will be no problems.  i wonder what they would do in that situation for people with flights.  fingers crossed, as they so often have been during this whole process.




tourist visas are ready for pickup! (i know that may not seem particularly exciting, but it is to me)

things are coming together


i can’t remember if i mentioned that the doctor in India suggested i contact a lawyer that has worked with clients of her clinic in the past to ask some of the questions that came about because of “Katie” last week.  so i did contact the lawyer, and she got back to me with some answers to my questions, but then i also didn’t fully understand some of her answers so i have written back for further clarity on a few points.

she basically said that it has generally taken previous clients from Canada at least six weeks to get all the paperwork done for the exit visa for the baby (babies) once they are born (i remind you that at least one week of this is waiting for DNA to be sent back to Canada, the DNA to be tested, and the results getting back to us).  she also thinks that we will have to deal with the Canadian consulate in New Delhi, rather than in Mumbai, but that it has been her experience that often the paperwork can be couriered back and forth, rather than the couple and the baby going to New Delhi for the six weeks to get all this done. she suggests that i contact the Canadian consulate in New Delhi for this information.

why, you might ask, would we just not go to New Delhi and stay there?  well, that is a good question, and one that i don’t have the answer to at this time, but i can surmise that the baby may need some medical follow up with the clinic where it is born, and i also know that some of the paperwork requires information/signatures, etc., from said clinic.  i am sure this will all become much more clear closer to the time.  while i may be OCD about all the details, i should probably remind myself that some of this doesn’t need to be sorted until closer to the time the baby is born.  it’s my nature to try to do everything at once, to create a nice, safe bubble of clarity around myself, but it’s also more stressful all at once, so hmmm… 

i also got an email back from the doctor at our clinic who said the clinic would take care of getting the contract notarized, which is a requirement for the medical visas (did i say that already?), so that’s one more bit we don’t have to worry about… yay!

additionally, the lovely woman from the Canadian Foreign Affairs office called me back today, and she gave me the contact information for the person in the Canadian High Commission office in New Delhi who i should speak to, so this is definitely a step in the right direction.  it was nice to get a phone call, as it’s easy to feel sometimes that your pressing issues may not be important to others; it was encouraging!

can’t think of anything else today, but that seems like a fair bit to report.

have a nice weekend!

crisis averted (emotional crisis that is)


so after i posted yesterday, i started to worry and worry and worry that maybe the doctors in India would potentially be encouraging about the test results because it’s a for-profit venture, and that maybe they would encourage us to try and try and try with my own eggs, when really there wasn’t much hope, and then, after lots of money was spent, they would offer the option of a donor egg… when really this should have been done right off the bat.  in essence, i was worried that maybe my test results really meant that there was very little hope, and since i hadn’t had a face to face discussion with someone in the field, it was easier to imagine.

i have to admit that people left, right, and centre have been very forthcoming about the treachery and scams they feel go on in foreign countries, and it’s been a constant battle to feel positive about this process taking place in India.  if ever there was an opportunity for us to be mistrustful, this is it.  this is not anything to do with any of the doctors i have been in contact with in India, nobody has given me reason to be suspicious, but i am generally a cynical person, especially in areas where i have very little knowledge.  maybe this is common, but i feel that i am more cynical and suspicious than the average joe.  all the docs i have spoken to have been lovely and professional and i can’t really say a bad word, but my thoughts ran away with me last night, and i had a wee emotional crisis, luckily my darling was there for a cuddle, in addition to the largest of my loving cats.

after having an incredibly shitty sleep, i had major worry all morning, and luckily a few of my friends were available to run my thoughts past, and they tried their best to make me feel better.

then i finally went to see my OB/GYN, and he looked at the results, and did a bit of research on the internet, and reinforced what the doctor in India has told me, which is that most of my results are in the normal range (the ones pertaining to my ovaries), though my anti-mullerian hormone is a bit low, indicating that while it is totally possible to get some fat and juicy eggs, i better get a move-on, because the older you get, the less possible this becomes.  the clock is ticking, but it hasn’t stopped yet, so we are good to go.  he also said that we should get a follicle counting ultrasound, which is where they (get this) use an ultrasound, and count the follicles in each ovary.  this is a baseline, and then they give you the hormone treatment for a few weeks, and keep doing this ultrasound from time to time to see when the follicles are ready to release their beautiful eggs… then the retrieval happens.  so i believe i was have all this done in India, as my OB/GYN said he would have to refer me to a fertility clinic to get it done here, and this likely wouldn’t happen before we go to India, so we might as well just stick to our linear process.

the verdict of my wee emotional crisis is this:  it’s probably a good idea to have a specialist following you in your own country, as long-distance medicine is a bit challenging, as you can’t have face to face conversations, and you can’t always get the answers you want right away.  it’s not necessarily about distrust, it’s just about reassurance and comfort level.  and for me, it’s probably a bit about going on oral contraceptive pills a few days ago, so introducing different hormones to my body, so that may have added to the emotional nature of my last 24 hours.  i have to say though, that i have been lucky in this regard, there haven’t been too many moments where i have been scared or overly worried or emotional, i have had great support around me always telling me that everything will be fine and that my eggs will be fat and juicy.  i am lucky… so far 🙂

oooo…. that was my 42nd blog post, and i am now 42… lol, i have a thing about numbers, don’t mind me!



don’t forget that they take your passport at the visa office, so they can attach your visa into it.  we had planned on taking my Ma down to the states this weekend to visit my Grandparents, but now we can’t cross the border…. oopsie!  if you live near the border and cross from time to time, make sure you plan to not have your passport for a bit.

visa yay!


well, not totally yay, but partially yay.

i believe i have gotten to the bottom of why i had such a hassle figuring out the visa stuff.  i know from my work that it was the end of the fiscal year on March 31st, as it is every March 31st, and it looks like the contract for managing Indian visa intake and phone calls, etc., ended, and was in limbo for awhile.  it just so happened that i was attempting to do visa applications and reach folks to ask questions at the very same time, so it was probably just my bad luck.  likely, others won’t have these issues going forward, but keep in mind if you are doing any of this work near the end of any fiscal year, sometimes this is when new contracts for services are negotiated on the planet, and the lack of a contract might create issues with any agency you deal with.

i went on the Indian visa website yesterday, and it looks like it has been updated with new phone numbers, additional information, and there is even a very helpful website that is linked there (clearly the newly contracted organization, called BLS India), that explains everything you need for visa applications and where to go, what to bring, hours, etc.

we have now submitted our visa applications, and have been told this takes about 5-7 working days.  there was no mention of an appointment or interview; i had thought we would need an interview, but i can’t recall where i got that idea.  so, if all goes well, we will pick up our tourist visas next week and be good to go.  the staff were very friendly at the office, and it was altogether a lovely experience.  the staff was, however, very new, so i didn’t feel comfortable asking them any questions at this time, as i didn’t want to add any confusion (the lady who processed me said i was her first :P) by asking questions about the upcoming medical visa.  i will perhaps call the helpline at the new number, once we have our tourist visas in hand.

still no word back from the Canadian Foreign Affairs office.  i am beginning to wonder if we should visit the Canadian Embassy in India, when we are in India for the first visit.  maybe it would be easier to have this conversation and make the request for the needed letter in person.

also, still no word back from the elusive “Katie” who dropped the bombshell last week about the three months; i imagine i won’t hear back from her.  it’s entirely possible it was just someone who wanted to freak us out, someone who doesn’t agree with the process, or perhaps it’s just her own story and ours will be totally different.  i am not going to worry about it anymore, just work on our own journey and making sure it’s as straight forward as possible.

i have an appointment with my OB/GYN tomorrow, so i can ask him what he thinks of my anti-mullerian hormone test results (and the rest of them), and ask him what i can do for ovarian health (if anything), and what he would recommend for a patient with exactly my test results in Canada.  it will just be very good information to have, as i haven’t yet seen him since ANY of my test results came back.

as always, will keep ya posted!