home again, home again…


we are finally home after what seemed like the most air travel we have ever done (wait, i think it was the longest air travel we have ever done!). for me, it was also the worst air travel, because i was basically unable to sleep on any of the flights, which is unusual for me.  maybe i was stressed or had too much on my mind, but i just couldn’t sleep, so it just dragged on and on.  we got home yesterday, and i promptly took a lovely shower and had a six hour nap, so while not perfectly recovered, i am feeling somewhat better.

we are still digesting the trip; it was such a strange trip, so much to think about and because it happened so fast, there was no time to think while it was happening.  the whole time, i had no idea what day it was either in Mumbai or in Vancouver here.  i kept having too google “what time is it in Mumbai?”

there are so many lessons learned from this trip and so many things to talk about, i think i will break them up into littler posts, so people can focus on what they find important or interesting.  so, there will be a bunch of small posts to follow this one.


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