a week today!


we are flying out a week today.  this time our flight is almost identical, EXCEPT the ridiculous 7.5 hour layover in Seattle… this time we don’t have that, so it’s going to be much better.

i am hoping i can sleep on the plane this time; i won’t be pulling an all-nighter the night before, as it clearly did not help with the sleeping.  i will try to get a normal night sleep so that at least i am well-rested at the start of the journey, unlike last time.

how does one pack for a three week trip?  it’s been awhile.  we are so bad at packing, we always pack too much, but i can’t imagine packing too much for three weeks.  i guess we just have to focus on only bringing stuff we know we will wear.  i hate having a item still folded nicely when i return home, knowing i didn’t even pull that thing out of my suitcase the whole time.  waste of space!

the hotel has a laundry service, so maybe we will just use that so we can pack less.

i am already thinking of missing my cats.  it’s been a long time since the older boys have missed us for three weeks, and the younger boy never has had us go away for very long at all, and since he was abandoned outside before we found him, i hope he doesn’t think we are leaving him as well.  at least they have a familiar face to look in on them a few times a day and keep them to their routine.  thankful for good friends during this journey…. that’s for sure!!!

gathering together the loose ends of stuff we need to take with us, will start making a packing list tonight, and we both have the weekend and Monday off before we leave, so we will have some time to get organized and spend quality time with “the boys”.

oh yeah, i also found out we didn’t ever get our third shot of Twinrix, so we will have to go get it on Thursday.  another expense, but better than having hepatitis…

we got our mosquito spray with DEET and our anti-malaria pills… sunscreen is probably readily available over there… or maybe it will just rain the whole time… what else? what else?  i guess that’s what the list will be for… making sure we have thought of everything.

signing off for now!

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  1. Good to hear you are almost ready to start your journey!! Best of luck for you! A lot of baby dust to your way!!

    I do have a packing list to India. Just in case, I need to go back again. But lucky us, we got pregnant on our first trip! Next time it will be for babies pick up!!

    I include a medicine bag with Imodium (anti-diarrheal), acetaminophen, cipro (last resort antibiotic)

    one week worth of clothing. Bring pieces that are easy to dry. So you can wash it in your hotel room. Otherwise, laundry is not cheap (at least at our hotel). If you are staying at an apartment, you don’t have to worry about this. It usually has a self-serve washer machine.

    a money belt

    Wet Naps and Hand sanitizer

    camera with memory space

    • wow, congratulations Joyce! i wish you luck with the baby!!!

      we also need easy dry clothing because it will be monsoon season in Mumbai… haha!

      thanks for all your great ideas for packing!!

  2. also make a copy of your passport, driver’s license, health cards and credit cards. Put one set homes with someone you trust. If you’re traveling with a companion, each take the other person’s photocopies. It is easier to have them replace in case you lost it…

    what not to bring: don’t bring credit cards that you don’t intend to use!

    good luck!!

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