feeling much better


so, in reality, i wasn’t even close to being better at last post, my body faked me out and i thought i felt better, but i wasn’t.  now i am feeling quite a bit better and am going to be able to start doing what needs to be done to get ready for the trip.  i can’t believe we fly out in 2.5 days, it’s come up so fast!!!

our first appointment with the clinic is booked for the first day we arrive, so i can get the first ultrasound and i would imagine the first shots.

we are very excited and nervous; i guess this visit to India is going to finally answer whether we can have a baby or not…. so the next few weeks are key.

good luck to all the other couples out there who are going through the same thing at the same time.  i know of at least four others on very similar timing, and whether we ever meet any of you or not, it’s nice to know there are others in a similar boat, on a similar journey.  if you are reading this in the future and are about to go through this journey, i would recommend you do whatever you can to talk to others who are going through it to, it’s just comforting is all.

anyways, lots of preparation work to do, so signing off for now.


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  1. Hi,
    Came across your blog by accident. We too are a Vancouver couple, BUT we are headed to India in a week to pick up our two babies! Would love to share info with you about the “end process” which we are about to do…..please feel free to email me if you would like to stay in contact!

  2. Oops, realized I had contacted you previously, months ago. I lost track of your email due to a software change at work…. As I read the blog more, I thought “I think this is the SAME blog” 😉 We are leaving June 27 to welcome our two babies! I wish you good luck!
    I appreciate all the research you are sharing with couples considering this, as it’s been very hard as a Canadian getting up to date information and guidance.
    I’ll let you know what the deal is with the issue in the Canadian immigration change for the DNA testing that prolongs the stay for Canadian couples (that I mentioned in that first original comment…)
    We STILL can’t barely get any good reliable information, despite multiple attempts, so I think it will be something we just have to navigate once we’re in Mumbai.
    Right now, our lawyer things it will be 8 – 10 days in Mumbai, then travel with the two babies to New Delhi (oh joy..that should be interesting.)That took a LOT of research as we couldn’t figure out if we could board a plane with infants with no documentation. Right now the verdict is yes, otherwise it’s a lengthy train ride to New Delhi, as by car would take 17 hours. The High Commission said they would NOT accept any couriered DNA documentation (but maybe it’s one of those things where you get a different answer on any different day?) Wait in New Delhi for “x” weeks for DNA testing (they no longer accept the biological parent(s) being tested in Canada like before) Apparently the High Commission does testing only once a month, so it depends on when you get there, and whether you’re close to the date, or have to wait for the next date the following month!
    Then we have to travel back to Mumbai – two babies in tow again! Then complete the remaining paperwork there. Once that’s all done, we can board a plane back to Canada!
    We’ve planned for three months away as that is what the lawyer is advising us. If it’s shorter, I will be ever so happy….. 🙂

  3. Sorry – reading your old posts – I didn’t meant to freak you about my initial post – please excuse. I never returned to your blog as I had a family emergency which required me to leave work for a month and return home. I am a very real person who lives in East Van, not a “internet troll” 😉 and anything I posted is the legitimate truth as to my hubby’s and my conversations with the Consulate, High Commission etc. I wish I could message you privately if you have any more questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

    • Hi Katie – welcome back!!! i am extremely happy you came back so we can trade information 🙂

      absolutely email me at sooomanycats@gmail.com

      we are leaving in the morning to Mumbai, so i am just about to head to bed after hours of packing, but i would love, love, love to keep in touch via email!

      • Happy Flying! You’ll be over there I think when we are as well, so hopefully I can manage some kind of internet connection somewhere to connect, but it may take awhile for an update.
        I’m definitely going to keep good notes though on the process so it can be shared with everyone that may be making this very same trip in 9 months! 😉

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