wee update before i go to sleep (if i can sleep with all the excitement).

we are flying out tomorrow, everything is ready (pretty much).

unfortunately, hubby has gotten the sickness that i had last week, so he’s feeling totally crappy.  when i said we would have to cancel the trip if i felt that bad, i am glad that he’s stronger than me in that way (so far), but maybe he’s not hit the worst of it yet.  i have my fingers crossed that he will feel ok tomorrow, and i am sooooooooooooo happy that he can sleep on planes.  i am hoping he will just sleep through the worst of it (he’s sleeping now).

anyways, the next post will probably be from Korea or Mumbai…. our real journey (the important part) starts tomorrow!

i feel like i should close like a letter here… like “talk soon” or “talk to you later” or “bye for now”… but i guess i will be taking the blog with me on the road, so yeah…. i think i always have a bit of an awkward moment trying to close a blog post; it’s like an email without an easy ending… wow, this one is dragging out  a bit… clearly i am overtired.

ciao y’all! 


About namaskarambaby

We are a BC couple who are about to start the process of having a baby using a gestational surrogate in India. We would like to share the process, so the steps will be clearly laid out for other couples who would like to know about this journey, as they may be in a similar situation. We also will likely stay anonymous, as this is a bit of a private process, and we are so early on in the process, that we aren't even sure it's going to work. "Namaskaram" is a greeting in Hindi (the official language of India), which is appropriate for people of all ages... I guess it's similar to Namaste, which is commonly used in the yoga community. This is our first blog, so bear with us. Stay tuned.

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