Mumbai again…


Here we are…. Have been here for nearly a whole day, but have been sleeping and out mostly so this is my first chance to write.

So far it’s been fairly uneventful. It was so humid stepping off the plane that my glasses fogged up completely. Then a bit of confusion at the airport as there is a special line for folks with medical visas (in our case it was line 4, though it may move… But if you ever go on a medical visa, don’t go through the the regular immigration line like we did, only to be told to go somewhere else).

Our taxi, while air conditioned, was too small for our luggage, so our suitcases were tied to the roof with some old rope. The roads are so bumpy and crazy that we were never sure if our luggage was still there, until I realized I could see the shadow of the taxi, complete with luggage lump shadows, everything we passed by a streetlight. We all made it to the hotel in one piece, and didn’t even get lost. Have I mentioned that whenever you go to Mumbai, there aren’t really street addresses, so you have to tell the taxi a) the area, like Bandra West or East, b) a main street nearby c) the closest intersection of streets and then hopefully something close by like a popular bookstore or restaurant. Ask your clinic and/or hotel for close landmarks or “taxi hints” to give to your driver.

Our hotel is great so far! We really, really like it. We weren’t sure, as it’s a boutique hotel and has no stars because it doesn’t have enough rooms to qualify for stars, but it was a good choice. If the whole visit is good, I will give them a plug at the end of the stay (for those not Canadian, a “plug” means a good review or recommendation).

First appointment at the clinic was also uneventful, I just provided some previous test results and will have some more tests tomorrow. I think the first ultrasound tomorrow as well; I though it would be today, but apparently not quite yet.

Off to bed now, as our clinic appointment is early tomorrow… But we got here safe and sound and no rash from the airplane bug spray, so it was probably from something else last time.

Oh yeah, no rain yet, no storms….

About namaskarambaby

We are a BC couple who are about to start the process of having a baby using a gestational surrogate in India. We would like to share the process, so the steps will be clearly laid out for other couples who would like to know about this journey, as they may be in a similar situation. We also will likely stay anonymous, as this is a bit of a private process, and we are so early on in the process, that we aren't even sure it's going to work. "Namaskaram" is a greeting in Hindi (the official language of India), which is appropriate for people of all ages... I guess it's similar to Namaste, which is commonly used in the yoga community. This is our first blog, so bear with us. Stay tuned.

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  1. I am so excited for you! Thank you for upping the frequency of your posts… it’s wonderful to get insight into each step in the process! I hope hubby is feeling fully recovered by now.
    All the best… hopefully you’ll get to see those ultrasound pics soon!

    • Thanks Jess… He’s feeling much better today, only a few residual nauseated moments around food. I love postings posts, it’s kind of a brain dump that serves me to process stuff and also I love that people enjoy them…. So thanks again for reading!

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