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hey there – i know i have said this before, but i want to say it again… if you, or anyone you know, is going through the surrogacy process, it would be great if you would blog about it like i did… it can be anonymous as mine has always been, and it helps so many people.

WordPress has a stats section for those of us who run a blog, so we can see how many people visit our blog each day, week, month, etc, and it shows which country each person is from (though not who they are or what city or anything).  so, just to indicate how many people you can reach through your blog, i have had nearly 6,000 page views, and those have come from people in 67, yes SIXTY SEVEN different countries!!!!

if you write a blog, email me and i will post a link on my blog… let’s help each other with this difficult journey (even though i am not on the journey anymore, i would like to think that others would follow my lead and share their experiences… please!)


Thailand news…


i just saw a Facebook news post about an Australian couple who went through with surrogacy in Thailand, but when one of their twins was born with Down Syndrome, they abandoned that twin with the surrogate and took the healthy twin back home with them.

of course there are two sides to every story, and the Australian couple has stated that they asked the surrogate to terminate the baby once they found out that the baby had Down Syndrome, but she refused… apparently this was done at 8 months (according to some media reports), which would have been a pretty sick termination in my opinion, as fetuses older than 8 months live ALL THE TIME, so it’s pretty much terminating a baby at that point, not just a fetus.  while this certainly isn’t the time or place to debate abortion issues, i think we can probably all agree that 8 months is FAR too old to terminate, no matter what the situation.

so, the surrogate refused, and the babies were born, and the couple took the healthy one and left the baby with Down Syndrome… i think this is a pity in so many ways, because while it’s not ideal to have a baby with any sort of illness or condition, babies and children with Down Syndrome are all so different and they might have had a wonderful life with this baby… however, they judged him before they even met him and then rejected him… i think that sucks, i think they should be punished somehow…

it now comes out in reports that the father is also a convicted sex offender… so i am not  sure what happened here, what kind of screening was done, if any, clearly there wasn’t any.  that said, there was really no screening for hubby and i either that i recall, so i guess this is just the way.  what that says about the wife, i won’t comment.

anyways, this whole thing is a pretty sick example of surrogacy gone awry, and it’s stories like this that make the journey all the harder for those exemplary couples who would do anything to have a successful surrogacy.

i guess i just felt like commenting on the sick case… i saw it on my newsfeed and it reminded me of why people have such a hard time with surrogacy… cases like this continue to make it an uphill battle for those who barely have any fight left in them…