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news of a Mexico nightmare…


just wanted to pop on and share a story that has been highly publicized lately, and one that will be of interest to the surrogacy community.  a Canadian couple had chosen to participate in the surrogacy process with a company in Mexico, and this happened:

BC Couple’s Babies Stuck in Mexico

This likely has not much to do with the surrogacy company and much more to do with the hospital, but a few things to consider when thinking about doing surrogacy in another country, are:

  • what are the statistics for premature births at the facility or in the country you are planning to utilize?  different countries have different levels of nutrition and healthcare, and these things impact premature births
  • how much will health care (Neonatal Intensive Care) cost, on average, per day, should your baby or babies be born premature? how much will this also tack on to the parent’s staying in the country (extra hotel, food, transport, changed tickets, etc.)
  • will the hospital issue birth certificates prior to the ENTIRE hospital bill being paid?  i have seen this in countless surrogacy stories in various countries, where babies are not released from hospital or birth certificates are not issued until the bill is paid in full.  it’s not holding the babies “hostage” like some of the glorified news articles like to portray it, but a hospital has to earn a living too, and collecting money from foreigners is extremely hard once they have left the country (if not 100% impossible), so it’s fairly reasonable practice i think… often Canadians forget that in other countries, hospitals are businesses moreso than they are here, and don’t receive any government funding.

while these things may be unpleasant to consider, they must be factored in to your planning.  hope for the best, but expect the worst, and then you won’t be surprised or shocked or trapped or unprepared.

hope everyone is doing well and i hope there are successful surrogacies galore since our journey ended… feel free to share your stories in my blog comments, as this blog is still getting some good traffic!

also, don’t hesitate to contact me, but please understand i don’t visit the blog too much anymore and i also don’t check the email associated with the blog very often, so i may take a while to respond… however, you will soon learn, if you are attempting anything in the surrogacy world (including contacting me), patience is a major virtue 🙂