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important lesson


when someone gives you a number to call in India, like +91114178####, make SURE, like DOUBLE, TRIPLE, POSITIVE SURE… that you add 011 to the beginning of it.  i did not, and it turned out that i called 9-1-1 (in Canada, this is the police/fire/ambulance emergency number).  when they answered, i panicked, apologized, and hung up… apparently that’s not right either, because if you hang up (especially if you are a woman), they have to call you back.  no problem, you apologize again… HOWEVER, for the safety of all involved, they have to attend.  so, tonight, we had a lovely Burnaby RCMP officer pay us a visit to make sure i didn’t have a lurking culprit in our home who was endangering me…. 

i very, very, very much understand the reasoning behind this, and really appreciate the thoroughness of our emergency services, but i surely do wish i hadn’t wasted their time 😦   so embarrassing!!!!

anyways, it’s late, so i will write about my conversation with the nice lady at the High Commission of Canada office in New Delhi tomorrow.