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In preparation for our trip, I have talked to as many people as possible who I know have been in India to see what their experiences have been. While everyone has said in their own words that India is amazing and beautiful and wonderous, they have also all said in their own ways how raw it is. One of the main things that has come up has been the abundance of beggars of all sorts, and how shocking and hard it is to see all these people in their various stages of dishevlement and how bad one feels not knowing what to do. I know that here in Vancouver we have a “fairly high” number of homeless folks who also ask for money, and I have learned my own way of dealing with them as they approach me, but in a land where there are hundreds of thousands I was wondering what the best approach was. Therefore, I did some research.

In my reading, I found this wonderful blog post, and reading it, along with the many responses it got, made me feel a little more prepared (though I am sure it’s still going to be very, very, very difficult to see so many people with so much need).

Still no word from the clinic, but full steam ahead with the preparation for the trip. T-50 hours to go.

Also, I have not lost my mind and started using proper capitalization, I am posting from my tablet, which insists upon correcting me.