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feeling much better


so, in reality, i wasn’t even close to being better at last post, my body faked me out and i thought i felt better, but i wasn’t.  now i am feeling quite a bit better and am going to be able to start doing what needs to be done to get ready for the trip.  i can’t believe we fly out in 2.5 days, it’s come up so fast!!!

our first appointment with the clinic is booked for the first day we arrive, so i can get the first ultrasound and i would imagine the first shots.

we are very excited and nervous; i guess this visit to India is going to finally answer whether we can have a baby or not…. so the next few weeks are key.

good luck to all the other couples out there who are going through the same thing at the same time.  i know of at least four others on very similar timing, and whether we ever meet any of you or not, it’s nice to know there are others in a similar boat, on a similar journey.  if you are reading this in the future and are about to go through this journey, i would recommend you do whatever you can to talk to others who are going through it to, it’s just comforting is all.

anyways, lots of preparation work to do, so signing off for now.

sick, sick, sick


i have been sooooo sick the last 48 hours or so, i guess i had some sort of a stomach bug, and it’s been so bad i haven’t been able to read, watch tv, do anything much on the computer (the screen movement makes me nauseated).  doing simple tasks has made me so weak i have actually laid down on the floor… pathetic i tell you!!!

i think i have turned a corner though, i am feeling a bit better, though still really weak, as i didn’t eat anything that whole time except two bananas and some gatorade.  i think i will try some chicken noodle soup today, get my strength back.

i cannot tell you how happy i am that this happened now instead of on travel day, because i can honestly tell you that i was so sick i would have cancelled the trip; there is NO WAY i could have traveled that way.  none, zero, zippo, zilch.  ok, maybe if they had a bed on the plane that was right next to the bathroom… but even that would have been pushing it.

oh well, moving forward! five days til we are in the air.  let’s just cross our fingers that hubby doesn’t get it… send those vibes again for him folks, they seem to have been very successful so far whenever i have asked!

a week today!


we are flying out a week today.  this time our flight is almost identical, EXCEPT the ridiculous 7.5 hour layover in Seattle… this time we don’t have that, so it’s going to be much better.

i am hoping i can sleep on the plane this time; i won’t be pulling an all-nighter the night before, as it clearly did not help with the sleeping.  i will try to get a normal night sleep so that at least i am well-rested at the start of the journey, unlike last time.

how does one pack for a three week trip?  it’s been awhile.  we are so bad at packing, we always pack too much, but i can’t imagine packing too much for three weeks.  i guess we just have to focus on only bringing stuff we know we will wear.  i hate having a item still folded nicely when i return home, knowing i didn’t even pull that thing out of my suitcase the whole time.  waste of space!

the hotel has a laundry service, so maybe we will just use that so we can pack less.

i am already thinking of missing my cats.  it’s been a long time since the older boys have missed us for three weeks, and the younger boy never has had us go away for very long at all, and since he was abandoned outside before we found him, i hope he doesn’t think we are leaving him as well.  at least they have a familiar face to look in on them a few times a day and keep them to their routine.  thankful for good friends during this journey…. that’s for sure!!!

gathering together the loose ends of stuff we need to take with us, will start making a packing list tonight, and we both have the weekend and Monday off before we leave, so we will have some time to get organized and spend quality time with “the boys”.

oh yeah, i also found out we didn’t ever get our third shot of Twinrix, so we will have to go get it on Thursday.  another expense, but better than having hepatitis…

we got our mosquito spray with DEET and our anti-malaria pills… sunscreen is probably readily available over there… or maybe it will just rain the whole time… what else? what else?  i guess that’s what the list will be for… making sure we have thought of everything.

signing off for now!

visas in hand!


well, the Indian Consulate put both of our passports in one envelope and they were delivered today, together…. so we are good to go!

the one strange thing about the visas, is that they are stamped “Registration with FFRO required within 14 days of arrival in India” and an accompanying letter notes that we must submit a bunch of documents to the FFRO before we leave India with the baby(ies).  i have heard from another couple recently who applied for their medical visas for surrogacy, and they got the same letter and stamp.  so we are confused.

do they think we are visiting to pick up the baby this time?  do we need to report to the FFRO just to keep them informed?  is this letter just letting us know that we need these documents at the time we pick up the baby in the future?  hummmm…. 

on the Bureau of Immigration, India website, it looks like anyone on a medical visa has to report to the FFRO office within 14 days of arrival, so i guess we will sort it out when we are there.  we will have plenty of time, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

so, it’s confusing, but probably not an issue, and we are soooooo excited to have our visas in hand in time to make our trip.

thank you to the extremely nice Indian Consulate gentleman, and to the very grumpy courier guy who delivered the visas today!



i just wanted to note the fact that we will be in Mumbai during this year’s monsoon season.  apparently they start almost like clockwork, and this year they started a few days early, just a few days ago.  judging how hot it was when we were there early in May, and also by the various blog posts i have found describing the first rains this year, new life is springing forth everywhere and people’s moods have changed with the freshness.   apparently people do get grumpy because the rains cause train delays and traffic jams, but it’s a better temperature and it’s not so dusty and overwhelmingly hot.  i have got my phone set to show me the weather in a few places, including Mumbai, and i have happily noticed that thunder and lightening storms are often predicted (three days this week!!!!).  living in the Lower Mainland we rarely get any of these, and i am EXTREMELY excited about this!

anyone who knows me, knows i love the rain, and especially when it’s warm outside and i get ridiculously excited about storms.  i ensured that we got hubby a rain coat and that both of us will bring some sort of plastic shoes.

8 days today is our planned trip, and judging by how i am feeling today, this is just the start of my excitement.

i will let you all know when i have our visas in hand.

visa update


sorry to be so intense about this, but getting our visas in time was a big worry for me, so i just need to share every step of the way.

i have gotten a courier tracking confirmation for my visa.  maybe they will both be in the same envelope, that would be awesome!  it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow!  if they are not in the same envelope, then i am sure hubby’s will come early this week as well.

so, looks like it’s a go!!!  wooooohooooo!!

visa application: pre-weekend update


in the computer system of the visa application centre, it says for my hubby’s “delivered by hand”, whatever that means.  they certainly have not delivered it to us, so i am hoping this means out with the courier.

mine, on the other hand, says “ready for dispatch”, again, whatever that means.  does it mean ready to give to the courier, or does it mean we are supposed to pick it up?  i think they should put a key or a legend on their site, so we know what each of these means, but that’s just me and my thorough customer service desires.

regardless of the difficult labels, i know this means they have been processed and approved, and all we need now, is to get them in our paws!

thank you to the nice man at the Indian Consulate for doing your best, and now it’s “Please courier guy, please deliver these fast!!”

fingers still crossed folks, send your vibes of fleetness to the courier!

wee visa update


i just got a call from a gentleman at the Indian Consulate, asking for some clarification about the certification of our clinic as an ART clinic.  he asked if we had a letter from our clinic which included the registration information.  in fact, we do not have such a letter, though i did include the certification number of our clinic in one of the letters that we had written to the consulate.  we talked, and he is aware of the website where the certification numbers can be found (i put it in the Useful Information section to the right), and he said he would look it up as well.  he asked when we planned on traveling, and when i said “the 18th”, he said “OF THIS MONTH?!!?!?” in a somewhat distressed way.  when i confirmed it, he said that things appear to be in order, and that they SHOULD be able to have the applications processed by the end of this week, and that he would give me a call.  he was very nice, and i appreciated that he was concerned about the short turnaround time, but that he also seemed to try to reassure me.

if you are on your own surrogacy journey and gathering documentation for your medical visa application, i would highly recommend that you insist upon your clinic providing you with some official documentation regarding their ART status with the Indian Council of Medical Research…. insist!!!!

keep those vibes coming and those fingers crossed folks… it’s going to be a close call!

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signed, sealed, and delivered.


both of our entire medical visa applications have been submitted.  the submission clerk and her manager reviewed them, i paid, and they are off.

the staff, as always, were very nice at the office.  the female clerk now recognizes me.. hehe!  i know a few of you have asked me this, so the fee, per application, is approximately $152 CAD.  also, this time they must courier it back to us, whereas for the tourist visa we were able to pick it up, so that’s a bit different and i hope it causes no delays.  i am so lucky to work at home most of the time, so i can be around (hopefully) when the courier shows up.

please, whether you send good vibes, burn incense or candles, pray, meditate, do magic, make offerings of food or flowers, throw pennies in a fountain, or whatever, please just put in a good word or two for us, for our medical visas to be approved in time for our departure, and then also for our surrogacy to be successful.  i am counting on everyone i know, and even you all i don’t know except through this blog, and i will do the same for you whenever you should need it.

thanks y’all!